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‘The Perfect Fit’ often takes many hours of planning and preparing before the day of installation. As a stylist, my creative brain runs wild every day. I am known to change my mind more than once, to my removalists delight! I go back and forth weighing up what will work best in the space and ultimately how will this selection make your property shine. 

I often think we are like a duck on the water calm on the surface but below paddling a million miles an hour! 

At Stage My Home Property Styling, the styling process can be broken down into a few simple steps. 

The first step is to arrange an obligation free quote with myself, Chloe (owner and chief stylist here at Stage My Home). Stage My Home offers both in person consultations or alternately we can also provide you with a desktop quote (photos & floorplans are essential). From here, after inspecting the property or viewing images we will provide a quote within 24hrs along with plenty of useful info. 

Next, upon acceptance of the quote, agreement of the installation day and arrangement of access we will then start creating our schedule of works for your property. Looking at your floor plans, reviewing photos and considering our notes taken we then pick a design style, colour theme and targeted audience. As Home Staging/Property Styling is different to interior design (more on this another day) your target audience is one of the most important factors we consider. Ultimately, this is your potential buyer – someone we need to impress! With all of the above in mind, our styling team at Stage My Home carefully select each precious detail that goes into your home. The Stage My Home team will gather multiple storage tubs, label them with each room in your property and then fill accordingly  selecting from a wide range of stock we own or if needed will buy as required.  Linen is matched to best compliment the room, creating warmth through texture, space through light colour themes and balance through matching and pairing. 

Once the above has all been considered, our Stage My Home muscle team load the truck and hit the road, excited to transform your home!

Put simply, we quote, we plan, we install, the property sells and we collect the furniture. 

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact Chloe to arrange an obligation free quote. 

Chloe & Stage My Home Team